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I would like to tell you how pleased several of our bird patients have responded positively to the Cann-Avia. I started a feather picking lovebird on 50 mg once daily last month and she is doing much better. Less itchy, less jittery according to the owner. Another bird, a Blue Fronted Amazon, was attacking the husband whenever he would enter the room. He was put on 100mg daily and has reverted back to allowing the husband to handle him again. I have been quite impressed so far with the feedback.

Dr. Ken Eisenberg, DVM

Cann-Avia CBD Oil

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“Our bird came from an environment that left her traumatized and Cann-Avia has made it possible for her to enjoy her time with family, and vice versa, instead of screaming from stress!!! Wonderful product!”


The cleanest, all natural CBD oil specifically made for your pet bird.

Specially formulated for your pet bird! The only true CBD Oil for your avian friend.