It is important to have an accurate weight of your bird before using Cann-Avia. CBD can enhance the effects of certain medications. If your bird is on any medications talk with your avian veterinarian before giving Cann-Avia.

Shake well before using. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not use if safety seal is broken. DO NOT PUT GLASS DROPPER IN YOUR BIRD’S BEAK. Each bottle ordered comes with a plastic ml syringe for ease of dosing and administration.

Ingredients: hemp extract oil, MCT fractionated coconut oil

Directions: give orally 1-2 times a day

If you see unusual sedation, sleepiness, etc. you are giving too much. Stop for a day and then reduce the dose.

50mg / 1oz(30ml) bottle

Weight of Bird Dose
50g-75g .13ml-.19ml
75g-100g .19ml-.25ml
100g-125g .25ml-.32ml
125g-150g .32ml-.38ml
150g-175g .38ml-.44ml
175g-200g .44ml-.5ml
200g-225g .5ml-.56ml
225g-250g .56ml-.62ml
250g-275g .62ml-.69ml
275g-300g .69ml-.75ml
300g-325g .75ml-.81ml

100mg / 1oz(30ml) bottle

Weight of Bird Dose
225g-250g .28ml-.31ml
250g-275g .31ml-.34ml
275g-300g .34ml-.38ml
300g-325g .38ml-.41ml
325g-350g .41ml-.44ml
350g-375g .44ml-.47ml
375g-400g .47ml-.5ml
400g-425g .5ml-.53ml
425g-450g .53ml-.56ml
450g-475g .56ml-.59ml
475g-500g .59ml-.63ml
500g-550g .63ml-.69ml
550g-600g .69ml-.75ml
600g-650g .75ml-.81ml

200mg bottle / 1oz(30ml) bottle

Weight of Bird Dose
350g-400g .22ml-.25ml
400g-450 .25ml-.28ml
450g-500g .28ml-.31ml
500g-550g .31ml-.34ml
550g-600g .34ml-.38ml
600g-650g .38ml-.41ml
650g-700g .41ml-.44ml
700g-750g .44ml-.47ml
750g-800g .47ml-.5ml
800g-850g .5ml-.53ml
850g-900g .53ml-.56ml
900g-950g .56ml-.6ml
950g-1000g .6ml-.63mg